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Over 500 million drinking straws are used daily, worldwide. With global regulations and consumers’ growing awareness of the impact plastic has on the environment, paper drinking straws have emerged as the sustainable alternative to traditional plastic straws.

Straws made of paper hold up long enough for you to enjoy your drink, and once discarded, they degrade faster than single-use plastic straws and have a smaller impact on the environment.

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The Straw

What makes The Straw by Papertech stand out amongst other straws?
The special technology behind our production process makes it highly durable. It can last as long as 4 to 6 hours in liquid. Even better, The Straw’s durability makes it suitable for both cold and hot drinks, so paper straw lovers can enjoy any drink of their choice.

Carefully produced and made of the best components, The Straw is suitable for everyone – it’s gluten free, vegan and kosher.
It is also biodegradable and compostable, minimizing the impact on the environment in comparison to single-use plastic straws.
Last but not least, The Straw comes in different colors to make sipping drinks even more enjoyable!

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Papertech is focused on producing a high-quality and sustainable alternative to plastic straws. Papertech’s straws are made with the best available components to create a durable, functional and visually attractive option that helps minimize the impact of plastic on our environment.


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Sustainable and biodegradable

PaperTech takes pride in the entirely sustainable components of its products. Made in Germany and of the highest quality, our single-use paper drinking straws are easily disposable and biodegradable, which makes them a simple and eco-friendly solution, both for personal and commercial use. The use of natural fiber such as paper as the main product component makes the product inherently biodegradable.



Behind The Straw stands an intricate production process which includes three plies of durable Delfort specialty paper merged by highly-resistant adhesive made in Germany. Apart from components of the highest quality, our machinery has built-in dryers which make the merging of paper plies faster, more efficient and reliable. As a result, The Straw keeps its shape when in contact with liquid longer than paper straws that are air-dried in production.