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Papertech konzentriert sich auf die Herstellung einer hochwertigen und nachhaltigen Alternative zu Plastikstrohhalmen.

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Papertech’s straws are made with the best available components to create a durable, functional and visually attractive option that helps minimize the impact of plastic on our environment

Our Certificates

Migration Certificate No. CAL21-140294-1/awi



PaperTech takes pride in the entirely sustainable components of its products. Made in Germany and of the highest quality, our single-use paper drinking straws are easily disposable and biodegradable, which makes them a simple and eco-friendly solution, both for personal and commercial use. The use of natural fiber such as paper as the main product component makes the product inherently biodegradable..

Our biodegradable paper straws break down naturally in different environments and are safe for marine life, unlike plastic fragments left behind by plastic straws.


Straws made of paper hold up long enough for you to enjoy your drink, andonce discarded, they degrade faster than single-use plastic straws and have a smaller impact on the environment.

Adhesive made in Germany

Our straws are made of layers of paper with a small amount of adhesive between each ply. Produced with AQUENCE – water-based paper straw adhesive, our straws are durable, safe, and provide an enjoyable experience for paper straw lovers.

Adhesive made in Germany comply with food safety standards and offer high resistance to liquids and temperature extremes. Paper straws manufactured with AQUENCE have proven to be compostable in adequate conditions. Adhesive made in Germany is FDA approved, and follow EC provisions and BfR recommendations.


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