The Straw

What makes The Straw by Papertech stand out amongst other straws?
The special technology behind our production process makes it highly durable.

Made in Germany

100% Quality


Production process

Behind The Straw stands an intricate production process which includes three plies of durable certified paper manufacturer specialty paper merged by highly-resistant adhesive made in Germany.

Certified paper manufacturer

We’ve also partnered with certified paper manufacturer group to make the perfect paper straws. Their specialty Fibre Straw papers are environmentally-friendly and durable, helping us produce a paper straw that keeps its form and pairs perfectly with all your favorite drinks. Fibre Straw heavy-duty papers are crafted by winding the fibers together. This production process enables the dense paper to maintain its function when in contact with liquids. For appropriate packaging for our paper straws, we went with certified paper manufacturer Straw Wrap paper, which is thin, easily unwrappable and highly resistant to bacteria. Certified paper manufacturer paper is 100% food safe and made in compliance with the FDA and BfR.


year of expirience

20 Mio+

straws produced



Our Certificates

Migration Certificate No. CAL21-140294-1/awi


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