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Paper Tech Germany GmbH has set itself the goal of minimizing the impact of plastic on the environment. Therefore, the company decided to produce high-quality paper straws as a functional, durable, but also aesthetic alternative to plastic.


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Printed straws

You can have your Papertech straws individually printed. Prices for individual printing are given in the price list. After placing your order, contact us by email so that we can create your print job.


Paper Tech Germany GmbH: more ecology thanks to organic straws made of paper

More than 500 million drinking straws are used on earth every day. The growing environmental awareness of consumers regarding plastic pollution in the oceans has led to governments also adopting stricter regulations to avoid plastic waste. In Germany, too, the legislature has reacted and largely banned single-use plastic products. Since July 3, 2021, not only plastic drinking straws but also disposable plates, stirrers and cutlery made of plastic as well as menu boxes and hot drink cups made of expanded polystyrene have to be replaced. More and more paper straws made from purely natural materials are being used in catering establishments and households. They are the eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws as they completely and biologically decompose in a short time. Organic straws are not only ecologically sensible, but also stable and aesthetic and ensure that the mountain of plastic waste is significantly reduced.


100% natural and food safe


100% biodegradable and compostable


Gluten free, vegan and kosher


Certified suppliers


Available in different colors and designs


Made in Germany

The opaque paper drinking straws from Paper Tech Germany meet the highest ecological requirements and help to avoid plastic waste.

They last long enough to comfortably enjoy a drink. They are shatterproof and do not affect the taste of the drink. If you throw them away, they decompose within a day and their impact on the environment is minimal. Paper Tech Germany’s organic straws protect the oceans. It is suitable for private use, but is particularly suitable for larger events, catering, festivals, birthday parties and gastronomy. As organic products in the food sector, they have to meet strict standards and are certified for contact with drinking water and food.

With paper straws we can make an important contribution to more sustainability, because they are made of paper, i.e. ultimately of wood – a biologically renewable raw material. It is important that the wood comes from FSC®-certified forests. We use 100% sustainable components to manufacture the straws, so you can throw them away after use without a guilty conscience. Our paper straws can completely replace plastic straws. Our paper drinking straws are particularly suitable for cold drinks such as lemonades, iced tea, soft drinks, smoothies and milkshakes, but can also be used for hot drinks. With different designs and colors, we can meet individual customer requirements. The user experience remains just as valuable as you know it from plastic straws.

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These are the main advantages of paper straws:

– 100% sustainable

– biodegradable

– stable and tasteless

– made of certified paper (renewable raw material)

– Glued with certified water-based glue

– helps to avoid plastic waste

What are the organic drinking straws from Paper Tech Germany GmbH made of?

The company only uses natural fibers for production, usually paper, which is naturally biodegradable. The straws decompose naturally in a wide variety of environments and therefore do not affect the habitat of sea creatures. You also have to pay attention to the glue, because this is where many manufacturers of paper straws fail. Paper Tech only uses water-based paper straw glue made in Germany. This also meets the highest standards of food safety and is also very resistant to liquids and temperatures.

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The production of Paper Tech paper straws is a complex process

A complex production process is behind the special quality and durability of our organic straws. On the one hand, the paper straws are made from three layers of certified special paper. In order to meet the strict criteria that the company has set itself, it cooperates with several certified paper manufacturers who produce exceptional fiber straw papers. A Paper Tech paper straw must be durable, retain its shape and not leach any substances. For this, the paper needs a very high density. Straws can be individually wrapped when ordered. Paper Tech also places the highest demands on this packaging (straw wrap paper): This paper must also be certified, thin and easy to open so that the straw can be removed without any problems. In addition, it requires high bacterial resistance.

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